All Saints Carshalton

The C of E parish church of central Carshalton, Surrey, England
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Courtesy in Church

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We hope that you will enjoy your visit and help others to enjoy theirs. Most people who come to church want to focus their attention on God, so:

Above all, please remember that Jesus died for everyone, and no-one is turned away from the altar. It's a special moment for everyone and an opportunity for inner quiet.

Visitors sometimes ask us about:

Dress code: smart casual for ordinary services, smart for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Collections: a collection towards the cost of running the church is taken at every Sunday service, baptism and wedding. The church costs £3,000 per week to run, so we are hoping for banknotes rather than coins, and alternative ways of giving are explained on the Finances page.

Children's services: we welcome worshippers of all ages at all services. The service at 9am on Sundays is particularly suitable for children. Adults and children stay together throughout. Please store children's buggies at the sides of the church during the service, so as to leave the aisles free so that others can move around the church.

Official paper work: anybody is welcome to worship at All Saints; just walk in! We hope you will want to regard yourself as a member; if so, please provide your details to the Electoral Roll officer on the Who's who page. We also hope that you will make a regular contribution to the cost of running the church as explained on the Finances page.

Thank you

Please email rectorofcarshalton@gmail.com for general enquiries.

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